03 November 2011

The Daily Prayers

Treasury of Daily Prayer provides a set prayer to pray each day of the week.  Each day is devoted to specific concerns:  Sunday is prayer for a blessed celebration of the Divine Service, praying for pastors in their preaching and all who receive the blessed Sacrament.  Monday prays for all sorts and conditions of men.  Tuesday prays especially for the persecuted.  Wednesday prays for the dying.  Thursday prays for the grace for a blessed reception of the Holy Eucharist.  Friday commemorates our Lord's sufferings and asks for its powerful grace to be at work in our lives.  Saturday reviews the week, asks for forgiveness, and anticipates the Sunday liturgy.  The longer I come to live in their rhythm, the more I truly love praying each one as its day arrives.  If you've not tried it, I encourage you by all means to adopt the practice.  It will be a blessing!  Promise!

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