14 November 2011

It's all Sage's fault...

...she put me onto Sission and his Primal Blueprint.  Wow!  I absolutely am amazed at how this dovetails with Wheat Belly, with a lot of Atkins, and with so much other stuff.  But I've not seen anyone put the whole enchilada together so clearly.  And he even suggests that the human body thinks intermittent fasting is NATURAL.  Hmm, so does our Lord and His Church! 

So, Sage, thanks!  I had somehow missed that good Sission stuff before.


Terry Maher said...

I rather doubt that a retired triathlete living in Malibu is a competent analyst of the Paleolithic diet.

Paleolithic referring to a period of about two and one half million years prior to the advent of agriculture some roughly 10K years ago, during which the present human genome presumably evolved, with insufficient time since for further evolution, therefore we should eat as they did.

As to spiritual properties of self induced glucose deprivation -- best left to kooks in the desert.

Sage said...

Pr. Weedon,
Great you found it! I liked the combo as well. Much to be said for the easier blend of Atkins and Wheat Belly (which I found after beginning this trek).

It's more about what we've done to our food supply and selectively bred and mutated to the point that a good portion of our society cannot eat "normal" food any more.

The incidence of DM2 among the young (pre-teens) is rising astronomically due to the over consumption of carbohydrates. How many people are now allergic to nuts, grains and fruits? This was not the norm 100 years ago. Nor was it the norm to sit on your backside 16 hours a day.

I don't care if the data is anecdotal, if it works, run with it. I was the test subject and for me, the idea works. Wanna know exactly why?

Rheumatoid arthritis with >15 joints swollen on any given day. Asthma, on inhalers. Cut out the wheat, cut back on carbs...no swelling, no asthma. You tell me.

Terry Maher said...

Well, I've made it 61 years, everything works and nothing hurts, always has, on nothing more than the proverbial balanced diet. You tell me.

The Christian Science book has all kinds of "fruitage" stories testifying to how that works too.

Anecdotal data is rife with post hoc ergo propter hoc, as the operative factors go unrecognised.

X said...

Yeah, a lot of Paleo makes a lot of sense... except for the evolution basis. Don't you get headaches from rolling your eyes? ;)

I have some emmer and spelt. Not very tasty, if you're addicted to modern-wheat. :(

William Weedon said...


The evolution stuff is a bit much, but what I love is that it doesn't really build on that - it just builds on how humans lived for many a year, no matter what one thinks of evolution!

I am most intrigued by his approach to exercise. I am giving that a try too - but haven't had the heart yet to give up my nautilus. That's my "lift heavy things" for the moment.

I think maybe the difference between Wheat Belly and Primal Blueprint could be summarized with move the veggies up and move the dairy down a notch. That's been surprisingly easy to do. Still enjoy both, but I've definitely been eating more "green" and it's pretty darned tasty. The Wheat Belly home-made ranch is a GREAT recipe.