08 November 2011

New Lutheran Quote of the Day

The Holy Trinity is a community of three differentiated persons whose relations with each other are no more interchangeable than the relations of husband and wife in marriage.  God the Father is the eternal source and head of the Holy Trinity.  The Son is begotten by the Father and derives his unique identity as Son from His Father.  The Spirit proceeds from the Father through the Son and receives everything from them, even as the Spirit returns completely in love back to the Father.  Each is different from the other and yet identified by the other.  Each is ordered harmoniously in relation to the other under the headship of the Father. -- Dr. John Kleinig, Women Pastors? p. 222.


Chris said...

Interesting that Dr. Kleining says "through the Son" and not "From the Son." There is a big difference between these phrases. I don't know what Dr. Kleining's views are on the dual procession, but I'd be curious to know.

William Weedon said...

Chris, to the western catholic there's no difference, since the Son has the procession of the Spirit from the Father; whereas the Father has it from no one.