10 November 2007

Ah, the Feast!

What our dear District President refers to facetiously as "the feast of the holy sausage" rolls around tomorrow. The people of Saint Paul's are busy as beavers today. Each doing something to contribute toward the joy of the day. The amount of effort it takes to put this thing on each year belies the notion that it's a fundraiser. Oh, it does make money. But you can see on the people's faces that that's not what they're doing it for. They do it for the joy of working together, spending time in each other's company, and being hospitable to our community. God willing, tomorrow will be a great day. If any of you are in driving distance, come on over and enjoy it.

Adults $8.
Children 6-12 $3
Under 6 Free

And don't neglect to feast on the ETERNAL fare that God serves up before the Sausage Supper! That's at 7:45 and 10.

P.S. If Piepkorn is right that the kingdom of God does not consist in buying each other's pies is true; it also true that EATING each other's pies is nevertheless a veritable taste of the Kingdom here on earth!


Lutheran Lucciola said...

I wonder how long it takes to drive from San Francisco to Illinois.....

William Weedon said...

I promise you, Luccilola, we'll have a maroon place setting waiting just for you!!!

Lutheran Lucciola said...

Good one, man. You got me!

wm cwirla said...

That is a thing of beauty! Almost worth a flight out there!

Past Elder said...

This looks just exactly like my dad's grill growing up in Minnesota -- not a drop of German in any of us, and here's dad explaining the regional history of the wurst of the day. And he was a convert to RC from downstate Illinois old time Methodism, way before the UMC, which he left when the pastor got to reading Daniel, calculated the end of the world, assembled everyone on the supposed day, and they all went home after it didn't happen.

So I have all the credentials to snarf down a few of those, then I suggest we all repair to your fine study to assemble a liturgy for the Feast of the Holy Sausage to be included in the alternative worship resources now being sought since we have the LSB.

We're starting a work from home pilot project at work. Maybe I won't have to wonder about the job market in Hamel. I could just log on and rock and roll, then be able to have the Feast of the Holy Sausage (which will absolutely have to be a First Class Feast with Solemn Mass) and LSB Setting III, aka the Common Service, would be mine to enjoy before I am gathered unto my ancestors.

Also it would appear the entire Weedon bloggie group is being drawn to this, which surely is a sign of the hand of God working through the watering of mouths.

On the other hand I could fire up the Webber and try to get this going in Omaha. How's that for church planting? Maybe even old Schuetz will show up -- there's an RC parish two blocks down the street if it gets to be too much for him. He can take what is supposed to be my place.

Paul T. McCain said...

I can testify personally to the grandeur of the sausage feast. I expected to get a paper plate, a brat and a handful of chips.

Instead, you are led into the gymnasium, given a seat a family style table and they start bringing you boatloads of food of all kinds and of course all the sausages you can eat.

It is fabulous.

We had a horrible guest preacher today in church and I was sitting there during the Divine Service without Communion thinking:

1) I could have been at a great Lutheran Divine Service, for the whole thing.

2) I could have had a great sausage dinner.

Woe is I.