27 November 2007

I don't think

that there's a better tonic in all the world than a wee chat with Wilma Henke. It brightens the whole day.


L P Cruz said...


Can I please have her number? (LOL!)


William Weedon said...


You'd love to hear this woman. She's very precious to me because she's the same age as my mom, born three days later in the same year. She's a devout Lutheran and a woman who does not hesitate to speak her mind about whatever. She is full of good humor and laughter and her smile just melts the heart. She doesn't ACT 90 - not at all! She's probably the only shutin I have that I'd dare to do what I did today: I knocked and walked in saying: "All the whos down in whoville liked Christmas a lot, but the GRINCH who lived just north of whoville did not!" She thinks I'm crazy anyway, and I know she is, so we get along famously.

L P Cruz said...

She is a blessing to you (Mk 10:30), and now that you said it, I may *really* have to get her number (LOL!). I think I will have fun talking with her too.

I wonder why young people today just like to keep to themselves when in fact there are so many things to learn from those who have gone before us. What a waste not to tap into their wisdom.