12 November 2007

Totally Sweet!

Former vicar and now Pastor Charles Lehmann pointed me toward this unbelievable site:


Check this puppy out and enjoy YOUR music YOUR way.


Brian P Westgate said...

The one thing I don't like about it is I put in Bach, and I get mostly not Bach. I put in the Beach Boys, and I get mostly not the Beach Boys. What's up with that?

Mark said...

Yup, this blog has improved my life in so many ways....and this is one more. Thanks.

Pr. Lehmann said...

If you just want Bach, check out CDs from the library, rip them via iTunes and return them.

What Pandora will do is give you Bachish music. ;-)

Mark said...

Or, if you just want Bach, you could buy the music and help support the people who record it.

Doesn't Luther say something on the 7th commandment about helping our neighbor protect his property and income?

Brian P Westgate said...

Actually, on the FAQ Pandora mentions that they do pay the artists.

Mark said...

I was speaking of using library cds to supplement one's own music collection.

Listening to them? Great! Making recordings of them? Dicey, in light of the 7th commandment.