27 November 2007

Multiple Homilies

I spent the evening writing. I was able to write not only Paul's funeral sermon (I'll post that later), but this Sunday's homily and next Wednesday's homily for Midweek Advent Evening Prayer.

Here's a wonderful trick my friend, Dr. Lee Maxwell, taught me years ago: when you are pressed for time and have a number of homilies to prepare, write the LAST one first, and then work back in reverse order.

This method works so well because it keeps the pressure on - you've still got the nearest one that needs writing, but you can't begin to work on it until the more distant ones are completed.

I hope to do something similar throughout all the weeks of Advent/Christmas.


exegete77 said...

That's a good practice, Bill (Sorry, if you go by William, I knew you in Sem as Bill). Unconsciously I had done that over the years, but wasn't aware of it. This is an excellent reminder. Thanks!


William Weedon said...

Thanks, Rich. You can call me whatever! But WHICH Rich are you??? I knew several!

exegete77 said...

Rich Shields - we were classmates, graduating in '86.

William Weedon said...

Sure - THAT Rich! :) Where are you now?

exegete77 said...

I am a pastor in AALC (in fellowship with LCMS). Recently was appointed Sem President and National Mission Developer. Eventually (when we sell our home) we will move to Ft. Wayne. I also serve on the Joint Commission on Fellowship.