14 November 2007

I Am Honored Indeed

I've just been invited to be the speaker for the St. John Chrysostom Lutheran Preacher's Retreat up in Canada in June. That will make for a full June! We'll be out East to visit with family, and to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Redeemer Lutheran in Burlington NC (where I first served) and then a week at the beach in NC, and then back to St. Louis in time to head out to Canada for three days. Ah, but what a way to wrap up vacation: praying the office with the brothers, and thinking together about the noble task and the joys of bringing the best news the world could ever hear into the ears of poor sinners!

Earlier in the year I'll be doing two other seminars: one for a circuit in Colorado on the liturgy (February) and one in Kansas at Pastor Brockman's church, Christ Lutheran, in Hutchinson.

Have I ever told you how much I hate flying???


wm cwirla said...

Congratulations on your being added to the venerable succession of Cwirla and Nunes. The brothers up north are great.

Watch out for the Vicious Rumours Committee. You have been forewarned.

Mimi said...

That sounds like a wonderful honor, congratulations!

Dixie said...

Canada in June?...you must be doing something right. It's Canada in January when you know you have ticked off the wrong person!