12 November 2007

Ah, Music!

Wow. Tonight went to first rehearsal of Collinsville Chorale's Christmas Concert (to be performed in Holy Cross Lutheran Church). Andy, the choir's director, commented to me during tryouts that he was surprised I had time for it (he remembered that Cindi's hubby was a pastor) during Advent and Christmas. I shared that I didn't really, but that I needed it. He said he knew exactly what I meant and that HE felt the need to be singing too (he's a fabulous conductor). As the music soared tonight - and let me tell you, Andy keeps the pace moving - it was like coming back to life again. It brought back all the great memories - singing in Lincoln Center with our choir from Concordia Bronxville, tours, chancel choir at the Sem and community chorus in Greensborough, NC under Bill Carroll. Yes, it's a sacrifice to give up the Monday nights but boy, oh, boy did I need it. I am positively itching to practice all the pieces for the concert. I'd love to walk in there next week with every note under my belt. We'll see! And silly as it may seem, I was nervous of the audition. I have sung in choirs and choruses before, but I still remember in Junior High School some folks making fun of me for missing the pitch on a song. And THAT is what makes me nervous about singing to this day: am I screwing up totally and not hearing it? At Church I've almost overcome the fear, but when I'm with a group and doing parts work, it comes back. In spades. Ah well, I'll just practice that much harder to make sure I'm NOT screwing up - and if I am, I think Andy will not hesitate to tell me.

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