18 November 2007

Happy to Report

that the preaching of the saving Gospel and a most reverent celebration of the Holy Sacrament is alive and well at Trinity Lutheran Church, in Worden. We worshipped there this morning and were blessed to hear Pastor Curtis' proclamation. It was a blast to have all five Weedons (well, we'll still count that Herberts as an honorary Weedon) sitting together in a pew and making all kinds of harmony. We sat behind the Gilberts (DP of Northern Illinois District and father to Rebekah Curtis; they were in town for a wedding); and they were singing harmony too. So we had our little choir section right out in the nave. :)

1 comment:

Rebekah said...

You should have heard them belting it out in our living room for the nuptials. All the enthusiasm of the Weedons, if not as much talent . . . .

(As for the beast--carcasses are welcome only in Dad's minivan. Mine is too full of carseats anyway.)