10 November 2007

Happiest Hours

Okay, since I fessed up to being truly an introvert, I will add that my happiest hours are when I am at home in my office working on various writing projects. And my dear wife has really made my office be a wonderfully pleasant place to work. She recently painted it a soft green (please, note, dear Lucciola that it's not mauve!) and when I have the blinds open and the sunlight streaming in on all sides, it is a veritable paradise for me. Here are some pics to give a sense of the room (it's small but it's bright):


wm cwirla said...

Nice. Color is important. My wife selects all the colors - I just roll them on where she tells me.

We introverts need our cave to energize. Something that is often misunderstood in the "introvert/extrovert" label is the notion that introverts are not people-oriented. We are. The difference is that extroverts are energized by interaction with people while introverts are fatigued. Understanding this explained my need for walks alone or extended times of prayer/meditation especially when I was in the "public eye."

My favorite cave is my garage-workshop.

Lutheran Lucciola said...

LOVE the color! Good choice.

INTP approved!

Hey, we Californians should plan a caravan to the sausage fest next time.

Paul T. McCain said...

Several observations:

No wonder we get along, in spite of our disagreements. We are both intraverts!

Second, kudos on a tidy office. Cwirla's place looks like a bomb went off.

Third, I was impressed by how many CPH products adorn the shelves. Thanks!

And two Macintosh computers. Sweet!

I did not realize Cwirla was an introvert too.

My happiest times, frankly, are camped out in my home den, in front of the fire, reading and writing, with my books. I call it the Luther stube, since I have a large reproduction of Luther at the Diet of Worms in it, with assorted trinkets and knick-knacks from Wittenberg in the room.


Anonymous said...

That is NOT how I left it

Paul T. McCain said...

Oh, oh.

L P Cruz said...

Pr. Will,

You got no mess on your table, what? You scare me!


William Weedon said...


Be not deceived. That only means I do not have a current project I'm working on. Then books are everywhere in stacks. I was cleaning up everything because I'm beginning 2 weeks vacation - starting right now. Sweet. :)