09 August 2008

August and Summer Fading

You can feel it in the sunlight. It's fading. I spent some time today outside - doing yard work, bike riding with Bekah and an hour in the pool relaxing. But the strength of the sunlight is definitely dying. You can feel it. Sadness. Cindi told me the other day that she no longer welcomes winter. I'm with her. The summer sun does something for me that the autumn and winter no longer can. I guess that means I'm getting old. Give me sun and warmth and long days and pool and yard work. (Yes, I've really come to love the yard work with my reel mower and hand clippers).


Omar said...

Fr. Weedon,

Sounds like you may prefer somewhere with ( more or less) perpetual summer.

Hmmm... perhaps I do not appreciate enough what I have ( it never gets below 60F here) while I complain about very high levels of humidity. :)

Past Elder said...

Well it's a beautiful 80F or so here in Omaha -- but it won't be perpetual. On the other hand, Winter that's coming isn't Winter as I knew it growing up in Minnesota.

Snow days for school? What's that, never had them growing up -- and that's real wheel drive cars and snow measured in feet, not inches. Yet, when I'd go back to visit my folks when they were still alive, I never went after 1 November, and would watch those guys in shirtsleeves in upper 30s temps and marvel, not that they were doing that, but that I used to be one of them and now I'm in a jacket with a hood!

Maybe I should just haul off and move to San Juan, or maybe Miami.

Maria said...

Summer sun fading? Lucky you. Here in the nether regions, August and September are the hottest months of the year. Quite unbearable.

Scott Larkins said...

I must have Scandinavian DNA. Bring on the frost!

Anonymous said...

uh...you've never like winter... at least not for the last 21 years... or you liked it well enough, as long as you were inside (and we had power).

Anonymous said...

Come on down, Pr. Weedon!
We won't be talking about "fading sunlight" till 'long about October.

In fact, if we get just a few more triple digit days (and it may happen) we'll set an all time record. Or so they tell me.

(My grandfathers opted for Minnesota.)

Helen in Austin...Tayeksis, that is. (Yeah, I know. Long story!)

William Weedon said...


The older I get the more the Islands sound more and more like paradise.


It's been really cool here too.


We've really had a quite mild summer all told. A few really hot days, but many mild ones. I hope we have a good fall - the colors should be good as the trees had LOTS of rain. Though August, everything here is still quite lush and green. I'm cutting grass 2 X a week.


Scandinavian blood - you're looking for the frost and the long evening twilights!




Check out the latest pics of the flowers! It would be a beautiful evening to sit outside and sip wine (until the mosquitos start feeding!).

Cindy Ramos said...

For about five months of every year, I wonder why I ever left Texas and moved back to Wisconsin.

Fall would be my favorite season of the year, if it weren't for what follows. As it is, I start to get discouraged around June 21st...after all, the days start getting shorter then.