04 August 2008

Pr. Wilken and Jeff

on Why?


Jeremy Loesch said...

Rev. Weedon, great thanks for posting a link to this webextra. I don't subscribe to iTunes, so was wondering how I could listen to this segment. Thanks. I have been waiting to hear the truth on this issue. Todd and Jeff are the 'horse's mouth', and it is good to hear it straight from them.

I'm glad to hear this, although the news is distressing. It reveals some nefarious dealings, primarily with funding and also a deep darkness that does not allow any sort of light to peer through that darkness. If only we could have some 'sunshine' laws or 'open government' resolutions. (I know, I know, that would increase the bureacracy...)

Thanks a million, Jeremy

Steve Newell said...

This is a very interesting pod cast. It really show what happens then the Gospel takes a back set to being accepted by society.

Another issues that was raised is the number of fund raisers for the FM verses the AM. This is a source of funds to justify the existence of LCMS Foundation given the fact that Foundation takes 40% of the donation.

My favorite comment what they referred to KFUO-FM as the "Easter Christmas" radio that only plays Christian music around either Easter or Christmas.

William Weedon said...


Try here:

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