17 August 2008

Summer's End

Bekah's already back to school. Lauren leaves tomorrow for Seward. David starts next week, and TSP responsibilities arrive this week for me. Summer - that school free zone - is over for us in these parts. Some aspects linger - our pool is still up (and we'll no doubt use it a few more times), and we'll certainly have some hot days yet. But it feels like a corner has been turned yet again. Before long the September Ember Days will be upon us, and then it will be St. Michael's, and then Reformation, and All Saints, and Thanksgiving and at last Advent and onto Christmas. The long and lazy days of summer for 2008 are largely in the past. Thanks be to God for days of respite and peace, for extended family time, for vacations and visits! Deep breath now. It all starts again!

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Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Say it ain't so! Take it back!

I make it a cardinal rule of my life never to acknowledge summer's end until the first frost. Has God revealed any other way? Is not all other measurement heterodox, human innovation?

But never mind first frost; to say summer ends even before August is over -- what can that be but heresy? And to begin school (except for college freshmen attending orientation), what is that but deplorable and unscriptural?

The error, of course, lies in the deeper confusion over when the summer of our lives ends, and when we are growing old. When I went back to college in my adulthood and realized, one day, that none of my classmates could remember President Kennedy's assasination, I felt old. Now, however, I see the error of my ways: I was all of 27 at the time!

Repent quickly!