25 August 2008

It's Pastor Hall's FAULT!

I am toying again with joining the Y. First, why is this stupid? This is stupid because several years back I purchased a home gym so that I wouldn't have to go to the Y to exercise. It sits in my basement. My wife uses it; I next to never do. Almost from day 1. I had been exercising regularly, but when exercise invaded my house I lost all interest.

So what is it about the Y? I'm not a social person when I go there. I don't enjoy talking to others; I DISLIKE having my routine interrupted by someone wanting to chat. I like to get in, do my exercise, and get out. But somehow putting it OUTSIDE my house, I was enabled to get it done.

Sigh. I think I need to do it, because I'm not exercising regularly at home at all (except for cutting my grass with my reel mower). A year ago October the Dr. noticed and said: "You're not exercising anymore, are you?" Before I see him again, it would be great to get a regular exercise routine back.

Drat it all, Pastor Hall! WHY did you have to write about that???


Blogversary said...

Good for you Pastor!

I don't talk much at the gym either. I am there to workout. But, when I was 9 months pregnant and still regulary working out, it was hard for people to not notice me.

Paul McCain said...

Oh for goodness' sake, use the equipment you have at home and save your money to spend on more CPH resources!!!

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

Yeah, and I have Hall in my circuit. Now, when I see him next week at Winkel I'm just gonna feel like a lazy slob -- even though I know he just has a much faster metabolism than I do!

Mark said...

Exercise and prayer....two things I have a hard time doing alone at home, two things that happen much better when I'm with a body of believers, whether it's members of the Body of Christ or worshipers at the Shrine of Fitness.

Enjoy the Y

Christopher D. Hall said...

I gladly take the blame, Pr. Weedon!

I'm not too social either. I wear headphones and listen to music or podcasts. That definitely helps me concentrate on what I'm doing, instead of foolishly seeing how much stronger and faster other people are and getting discouraged.

But do it. You'll feel better, have more energy, sleep better and think better, too.

Bryce P Wandrey said...

I was a runner all through high school and college. I loved the competition. Since I graduated from St Olaf I haven't run much. Oh sure, like my Greek, I have tried and tried and tried to resurrect my running. But to no avail. I have tried countless other forms of exercise. But to no avail.

Finally, now that I live somewhere with an expansive "park" outside my front door and other interesting things to see as I go running, I am in the best shape I have ever been since college. I am even reading Runner's magazines and trying to eat healthier. (Maybe I should't have thrown out those 30" waist jeans 10 years ago).

Sometimes it is just context and surroundings that can really inspire.

Mimi said...

Can you read at home on the treadmill? That is my motivator (although, truth be told, I lay on the bed last night and read for the time I should have been on the treadmill) that and I've been walking at DS' football practice.