16 August 2008

Good-bye to Katie

We got them the same time in 1994. We had no idea how old either of them were. Pumpkin was terrified when we brought him home - stayed under the bed and howled like no cat should! Katie, that lovely calico, though, was afraid of nothing. Out she got and started exploring. And over the years there'd be no place she couldn't get herself into. Who would end up trapped on the ceiling tiles above Lauren's room? Katie. Who would end up trapped above the bathroom's ceiling? Katie. When Delmar was at work fixing up our bathroom, who climbed the ladder and got into the attic? Katie. Who liked to sit on the top of the refrigerator, looking down on the rest of the world? Katie. And was she ever a lap cat! Her terms, though. SHE wanted to be the one who chose to sit in your lap and expected you to pet her.

After Lauren went off to school, she decided that she needed a warm body to sleep with and often spent the night on our bed, curled up at my feet. That is, when she and Pumpkin weren't romping at night, hissing at each other, and fighting.

When we had to put him down, she changed. She's not been the same since. Her last months were pretty miserable - we had to keep her confined due to litter problems, some sores that wouldn't heal on her legs, and one on her stomach that looked bad for a while. She had trouble jumping and walking. It was time, though very sad. Lauren and Cindi rode with me to the vet. Lauren held her all the way, but opted to stay in the car and not see her get the shot. Tears and yet relief. And the promise of the Lord is sweet: "Behold, I make all things new." Even still it felt like more than just Katie's passing; rather, the passing of an era in our family. Fourteen years she'd been with us. Now the only inside critter is Lucy. Well, that's not counting David and Bekah. :)


Anonymous said...

I remember this being the one and only cat that Keith would allow to sit in his lap. So when are you going and getting another????????

-C said...

And that time is coming soon for our 15-year old, Bob.

What a great thing is God's gift of animal companions, especially those he has given us to tend. In thier own way, they stay with us forever.

Glory to God for all things!

William Weedon said...


Not for a while. I wouldn't rule it out in the future, but not having to deal with cat hair and the sufferings of friends with cat allergies will be rather nice. I remember Katie adopting Keith!



Past Elder said...

Even though of course my childhood pets have long since died, and as you know as a dad myself we've had two now die, I just can't imagine how I would deal with these trips to the vet. Both of ours died here in the house, then we had funerals for them in the back yard, trusting that while Scripture is silent on the specific matter we take him at his word when he says alles, all things.

wmc said...

Ah yes, our Cicely, a novel mix of tabby and Siamese, is 14. We had to put down our Chloe, a beautiful longhair calico, at 13 due to kidney failure. Many tears. They are part of the family.

The whole creation groans as in the pains of childbirth. And yet there is that glorious comfort of "all things" embraced in the darkness of Good Friday's death to Death. And that marvelous image of the ark and the new creation - eight people in all were saved. And a good many animals too.

Thanks be to God for all His creatures, great and small.

Anonymous said...

she didn't always get stuck in my ceiling...
sometimes she fell through.

J.G.F. said...

So sorry about your Katie Kitty. We wound up putting two of our cats to sleep this year. That was pretty rough, I have to tell you!

They really become members of the family in their own right.

Will keep you guys in our prayers.

Lutheran Lucciola said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. I do love the kitties too.

orthodoxy hunter said...

I'm sorry for your loss. My God ease and shorten your grief.

I ♥ kitties.