09 August 2008


Just noticed the blog slipped unremarked across the 300,000 visitor list. Time to call for intros again. WHO are you who visit this blog? Will you introduce yourself (especially if you've not done so before) and tell us a wee bit about who you are and where you come from?


revalkorn said...

Hello, Father Weedon. Alan Kornacki here, from Louisiana by way of New York, Missouri, North Dakota, and (God help me) Ohio.

Since I started blogging a few years back, I've been looking for blogs that cover similar ground to my own--theology, liturgy, Lutheranism, and life in general. Yours surely fits the bill.

Michelle said...

Hi Pastor Weedon,

This is Michelle from KS - my husband and I met you at Lectures on Lutheranism in Hutchinson. I've enjoyed your blog!

I'm a stay-at-home mom. I home school my girls ages 8, 5, and 2. I teach piano and bassoon lessons. I also assist with childbirth classes at our local hospital. My grandfather was a Pastor so I really appreciate those of you who treasure "my grandfather's church"!

Blogversary said...

Hi, I am delurking.

This is Sarah from down the highway. Umm, yea, you baptized my son. I spent a year at your church as a deaconess field worker.

I think you know me. Just kidding.

Gerry said...

Pastor Weedon,

I'm your neighbor to the north, in western Michigan. I became a member of the LCMS 4 years ago and come from a Catholic background. I enjoy your blog, especially the old Lutheran and Patristic quotes. I also follow the Cyberbrethren and Concordia blogs. I'm reading the BOC for the first time and the post and comments on the Concordia blog have been very helpful.

Keep up the good work!

Tim Kuehn said...

I found your name associated with the Issues Etc mess, found this blog, and here I am!

I also keep a blog of my own entitled "Tim's Theological Toolbox."

Dr Matt Philips said...

I'm a history professor at Concordia Univ-NE and live in Lincoln. I heard you on Issues etc and later found your blog. My primary field is medieval church history and secondary field is the Reformation.

Chelsea Rae Pietsch said...

Hello Pastor Weedon,

My name is Chelsea Pietsch and I am reading from Adelaide, Australia. I'm married to a Lutheran seminary student, Thomas Pietsch.

I have been a full time student for the last 3.5 years and now I'm taking 6 months break (working part time doing research for a bioethics institute) before I finish the last two years of my study.

I particularly love reading your patristic quotes for the day! I got your link from our friend Pr Fraser Pearce's blog.

NBeethe said...

Hi Pastor Weedon.

I am Nathan Beethe from Little Rock, Arkansas. I serve at Grace Lutheran as the Director of Parish Music. I appreciate your sermons, quotes, and insights. Thanks for sharing!

dave said...


I'm Dave Dehnke, an LCMS pastor from outside Indianapolis. I've especially enjoyed the quotes from Krauth you've posted. They've whet my appetite for more. Now that The Conservative Reformation is back in print, I plan to get a copy soon.

Andrew Gerike said...

Hello Pastor Weedon,

I'm Andrew Gerike, from Columbia, MO but I am about to start my senior year at Concordia University Wisconsin and then off to seminary (which one is yet to be decided). I will soon begin the drive to school which takes me by that one Lutheran church in Hamel with the blue neon cross on at night!

I enjoy reading your blog, particularly your posts on the liturgy, as well your quotes of the day which always have a jewel of thought to ponder during the day.

edie+steve said...

Hi there Pastor Weedon,
Steve and Edie Wadsworth here from Morristown,TN. We "discovered" you on Issues and became daily "lurkers" when the show got cut. We are confessional Lutheran converts who owe many thanks to folks like you and Issues for all that catechesis. We are both physicians by training and now theology nuts by hobby. Check out our family blog sometime at lifeongrace.blogspot.com. We also love your historic liturgy series and the picture of you on your new bike!

Dennis Peskey said...

Greeting Pr. Weedon,
Dennis Peskey from Saint Johns, MI. Member of Hope Lutheran Church, DeWitt, MI.

Confession: I'm the one who sent the E-Mail to Pr. Wilken about you and your bike (I take no credit for the comments by Pr. Kumm nor Pr. Rossow). I liked your bike - although it did need a joker card in the spokes.

I began listening after being chosen by Pr. Wilken for an Issues.Etc mug in response to soundbite of the week. My strategy was simple - always vote for Pr. Weedon's sermon clips. Proper Law and Gospel sermons always deliver what we need - including an Issues.Etc mug.
Blessings (and thanks for the blog!)

Laura Short said...

Hi Pastor Weedon,

I did a Google Search on "Quotes, Early Church Fathers" a couple of months ago, and your blog popped up. I've been reading ever since.

I currently attend a conservative Presbyterian Church, but I was raised Roman Catholic and I am studying Orthodoxy (hence, the desire to find quotes from the Early Church Fathers). Through you, I have found other blogs that I now read on a daily basis.

I live in Ohio (grew up in Illinois, though). I am a recently remarried Widow, a Mom and Grandmother. I also blog on occasion with a group of chaps I've known for about 3 years (they call me "Mum"); you can find us at One Flew Over the Church.

Thank you for your faithfulness in blogging. I am enjoying your daily writings and learning things I never knew about the LCMS portion of the Body of Christ. Makes me yearn anew for more liturgical worship... :sigh:

Pr. David Gallas said...


This is Pr. David Gallas from St. Peter's Lutheran Church in New Hamburg, Ontario.

For all the reasons others mentioned here, this blog is a true gem in the blogosphere. I've learned a lot.

Plus, in spite of what others say, Pr. Weedon, you do ride the coolest bike in the world.


Anonymous said...

A Pastor friend said, "What do you know about this Pr. William Weedon?"
Well...bits from here and there over the years, on LQ, and most recently (then) on Cyberstones. :)

But having been inspired to search, I came up here, too.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pastor Weedon - I'm a phd candidate in history living in Boston. I came across your blog via Issues Etc. I enjoy your quotes from the church fathers and appreciate your commentary on matters historical and liturgical. I'm a confessional member of an LCMS congregation.

Jeremy Clifton said...


I'm Jeremy Clifton, from Chattanooga, TN. I've been a Lutheran for at least six years now, after being raised as a Southern Baptist. I don't remember when I found your blog, but you're on the same page I am as far as Lutheranism goes, so I keep coming around to catch up.

Frank Gillespie said...

Hi, I’m Frank Gillespie from over in Raleigh, NC. Like many others, I first found you through some little radio program that only had 64 listeners. You’ve been a daily read of mine for some time now. Congratulations on hitting 300,000 visitors!

Pastor Jeff Hemmer said...

I read your blog to steal all your good insights and ideas.

Anonymous said...

I check in once in a while because I owe a debt to you for helping us get the Brothers of John the Steadfast started.

Actaully, I love all the stuff you do: patristic quote, Old Lutheran, saints days, and the personal stories. Thanks for all you do for us Lutherans trying to stay true to the Scriptures and confessions.

Pastor Tim Rossow

Pastor Zip said...

Fr. Will, Steven Tibbetts here, expat Californian serving as Pastor at an ELCA congregation a couple hour north of you in Peoria and, one of these days, we'll meet in person. Until then between the blogosphere, ALPB Online, etc., we do what we can to keep our churches from neglecting their roots. Thanks for your faithful work. spt+

Rev. Matthew Thompson said...

Pr. Weedon:

I'm a confessional Lutheran church planter in Bismarck, North Dakota. Enjoy your quotes from the fathers, included Dr. Nagel. Thank-you for all that you've done for Todd and Jeff.

Pr. Matt Thompson

Anonymous said...


I am Orthodox convert from the church of Christ. I read with fascination that confessional Lutherans can come as far to Orthodoxy as they seem to without going all the way. I sure hope you do. Perhaps Southern Illinois could use an Orthodox mission? :)

William Weedon said...

Thanks all for the intros! And welcome!

Dear Anon,

Confessional Lutherans see no need to be anything other than Lutheran! :)

Christopher said...

Greetings Brother Weedon!
Pastor Christopher Cole from Immanuel Lutheran- Perryville, MO. I've been checking out your blog for awhile now, but have never "signed in" or made any contributions. I've enjoyed your contributions as I am a huge devotee to historical theology as well as Biblical theology. Thanks for all of your work and efforts to share the historic faith of our fathers with such great passion!
Peace of Jesus~