11 August 2008

Twenty One

That would be the age of my eldest, Mrs. Lauren Herberts as of about 11:00 this morning Though married for over a year now, she's not been able to order herself a strawberry daiquiri, so we're going out this evening to remedy that grievous wrong. I might even join in her drinking one at our Mexican fiesta (why DON'T they make them with splenda???). Happy birthday, LEW! We love you!!!

A few images from the years...


Jo said...

A very Happy Birthday Lauren.

Philip of Maryville said...

The picture on the church steps is compelling. Click on and study the full expanded view of it.
Here, time stands still--though only in the heart of the portrait and for good reason.
Look at all the people and elements surrounding the bride and groom, see the energy and commotion, but these two stand together in a place--if only for a moment--where nothing more need be done, as if eternity is contained, affording us the joy of guessing what this is and will be.
Therein lies the fascination, as your imagination explores the various paths that a lifetime of love can travel, because in Dean and Lauren's expression you can see them all contained, with all the possibilities of a seed being planted.
To capture that in a snapshot, to me, is miraculous; and so, I'm sure, is their love.
Congratulations and, always, best wishes.

wmc said...

Interesting land we live in. We can get married, make babies, get drafted and fire and M-16 at the enemy, but we can't have an "adult beverage" for another 3 years.

What a country!

Happy Birthday, Lauren. Welcome to full-fledged adulthood, though you have been there for a while. The left-hand kingdom is a little on the slow side.