04 August 2008

Oh bother!

Now there's a choice. You can read the BOC in the schedule in the Concordia, which gets you through the entire BOC but reading only on week days, or you can read the BOC in the schedule in the Treasury of Daily Prayer, which gets you through the entire BOC with somewhat shorter readings, but doing so every day. I think, having done the Concordia schedule for a while, I'll give the TDP schedule a whirl and see how it goes.


+ Robert Wurst said...

Ah, the reading schedule in the BOC. Which edition - the first or second? ;)

It really bugs me that the first edition was not proofed very well. With two different editions of the same book, I can't print out a unified reading schedule for my congregation.

I really hope the new prayer book spends a significant amount of time being checked over. (Hint, hint, nudge, nudge . . .)

Scot K said...

Hi Rob,

First, the Suggested Reading schedule is stated by section and paragraph, not by page number. One can use any edition of the BoC they would choose, even the German BS.

For the record, the difference between Concordia first edition and second edition is not due to proofing errors. The second edition changes are the result of the challenge brought against Concordia and the work done by the review committee in conjunction with the general editor to address the concerns. These changes necessitated a change in pagination between the two editions.

Normally correcting proofing errors in one printing, such as a missed comma or even a missed word, do not require a change in pagination at subsequent printings.

+ Robert Wurst said...

Hi Scot,

The first edition has more week's than your standard year :) Sectionas and paragrapsh were organized by Week 1, etc. These were indeed typos.

IMO, the committee was right in requiring those changes. The book was confusing. I still have to tell everyone which parts are historic and which parts are commentary.

Now we have two books of the same thing. I'm glad for the book, belive me. It just takes a fair amount of work to get everyone on the same track.

No hard feelings here. ;)

Rev. James Leistico said...

Oh bother! You think you have a problem because TDP gives you a new schedule for BoC readings? How about us poor peons who keep hearing you, McCain, et al talk incessantly about TDP, but we can't have one yet!