22 March 2009

For a Lad

who failed at being a cub scout and never got to be a weeblo, it was a distinct honor today to be asked to lead the invocation and the benediction at Justin's eagle scout ceremony:


Past Elder said...

I messed up at being a Cub Scout too!

And when you're WELS, Cub or Boy Scouting is a BIG no-no!

William Weedon said...

Then I am in good company, Terry!

Mike Baker said...

Congratulations to Justin from one Eagle Scout to another. (Class of 1998)

Remember all that you have learned and God give you the strength to hold fast to your oaths for the rest of your days.

Let these timeless ideals guide you in an upright life of ethical, honorable service.

Doorman-Priest said...


Past Elder said...

Webelos, actually.

It's an acronym for We'll Be Loyal To Scouts. Webelos are the oldest age group in Cub Scouts and are preparing to transition to Boy Scouts.

Actually, the original acronym was Wolf, Bear, Lion, Scout, designating the age groups with a transition to Boy Scout at 11.

And you thought Lutheran synod history was complicated. The whole thing goes back to General Baden-Powell and Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book in Mother England!