24 March 2009

Have you ever thought

how the story of Judah and Tamar actually heightens the contrast with the story of Joseph's refusal to commit adultery with Potipher's wife? Pity that Treasury skips it. Still, I love the Joseph cycle and all the Christological freight it brings. Great mercy Joseph shows the other brothers because of "Son of my right hand" and so great mercy is likewise shown us through the Son who sits at His right hand!


Kiran said...

Interesting. I think it is (and I am only borrowing this from someone who pointed this out to me) quite curious that, having blamed Tamar and have it turn on him, Judah becomes a much nicer man...

PS: I owe you a defence of Thomas I feel, but I am a bit busy at this point. I apologize.

Anonymous said...

Judah refuses to redeem is widowed daughter-in-law according to the law of redemption. A child is born out of wedlock as a result: Perez.

Many years later a descendant of Perez, Boaz, fulfills the law of redemption for his kinswoman, Ruth, and in so doing makes way for the One who redeems all His people. This is surely the story of Christ and the Church in shadows and types.

In Adam all die, so all in Christ shall be made alive!