31 March 2009

A Little Luther

Priest is a strong and lovely word. There is no lovelier or sweeter name on earth. It is much better to hear that Christ is called 'Priest,' than Lord, or any other name. Priesthood is a spiritual power which means no other than that the priest steps forth, and takes all the iniquities of the people upon himself as though they were his very own. He intercedes with God for them and receives from Him the Word with which he can comfort and help the people.... He offered Himself once for all, so that He is Himself both Priest and Sacrifice and the Altar is the Cross. No more precious sacrifice could He offer to God than He gave Himself to be slain and consumed in the fire of love. That is the true sacrifice. -- Exposition of Genesis XIV (Day by Day, p. 151)


Paul Gregory Alms said...

Slain and consumed in the fire of love. Nice. Gets at the wrath and mercy of God at the same time. Alot of mystery there and alot of grace.

Dr Matthew Phillips said...

Amazing. Amen.