27 March 2009

My Rib

So, we're enjoying lunch (breakfast, actually) at a local restaurant (our Friday treat), and Cindi says:

"Oh, and we need to stop by Green Earth."

"What for?"

"I need to buy another vanilla bean."

"A vanilla bean?"


"Just one???"

"Yes. Do you know how big they are? And they cost $3.00 a piece."

"But why do you need a vanilla bean?"

"I'm making vanilla."

"You are?"

"Yes. Read about it on Cheapskate Website. You take the bean and put in some vodka...."

"You bought vodka?"

"Yes, it's in the cabinet. You put the bean in the vodka and shake it every once in a while and leave it for a month."

She showed me when we got home. It's making a LOT of vanilla and it smells wonderful. And it only cost a cheap bottle of vodka and $6.00 for two vanilla beans. I mean, it makes A LOT.

She never ceases to me amaze me with the stuff she comes up with!


knittin' mama said...

Bill, you may not want to tell her about buying vanilla beans online. I bought some from The Organic Vanilla Bean Company at http://stores.ebay.com/The-Organic-Vanilla-Bean-Company

You can get 10 6-inch beans for $8 and free shipping.

Jenny H

Elephantschild said...

And I probably shouldn't say that if you make your homemade vanilla with brandy instead of vodka, it's all the better.

mlorfeld said...

I bought 2L of vanilla (light and dark) for $4 in Mexico... that stuff is awesome.

Rev. Charles Lehmann said...

We're going to be doing the same thing. I'm also making spearmint extract once the plant is big enough. (This largely depends on protecting it from the cat)

Mike Adair said...

Would you mind posting the link? This would go well next to my Tabasco/sugar pickle chuncks on the shelf!

William Weedon said...

I don't know where she read about it, but it's real easy. Just buy a bottle of vodka. Buy two vanilla beans. Make cuts on the beans here and there. Put it into the vodka. Shake it every couple days. And after a month or so, you've got "vanilla extract." Strain before using.

Mike Adair said...

Thanks! Sounds like my kind of recipe - easy!

Rev. Paul T. McCain said...

Do you drink it neat, or on the rocks?