23 March 2009

From Treasury...

Wasn't today's Writing right on? I loved this:

These things I continually see and feel and am afflicted and oppressed with; yet the wisdom of God orders them for my good.

1) They make me abhor myself. 2) They keep me from trusting my heart. 3) They convince me of the insufficiency of all inherent righteousness. 4) They show me the necessity of flying to Jesus. 5) They press me to pray to God. 6) They show me the need I have to watch and be sober. 7) And they provoke me to look to God, through Christ, to help me and carry me through this world.
-- John Bunyan


Rev. James Leistico said...

reminds me of SC's Christian Questions and their Answers, #20

Anonymous said...

I wish there was an online version of the Treasury. I wanted to send this writing to a lot of people!

Timothy Buelow said...

First reaction: What?! John Bunyan in the Treasury.
Second reaction: Wow! What a fantastic, perceptive, spiritual, *Lutheran* thing to have so eloquently written.