12 April 2009


I'm wiped and I'm sure so are the good folks who put on the breakfast this morning and sang in the choirs and played the organ and trumpet and rang the bells and beat the drums and recorded the liturgies. It was a joyful feast day indeed. At the Divine Service we sang our way through FIVE distribution hymns:

I know that My Redeemer Lives (8 stanzas - with choir, trumpet and organ)
Jesus Christ is Risen Today (4 stanzas - with bells and organ)
At the Lamb's High Feast (8 stanzas)
Christ has Arisen (5 stanzas)
The Day of Resurrection (4 stanzas)

And STILL they lined up for the Sacrament! Glory to Jesus Christ!

We departed Church in the bright sunlight and with the bell ringing out the joy of the resurrection (thanks, Ron!). Christ indeed from death is risen! Alleluia!


Pecca said...

to your attention Photo Bible blog from Finland, Picture Mission

Brian said...

Wimp! :-)

Two services Thursday evening, two Friday and Four on Easter morning. Each service was unique; eight unique services in 4 days; all the leadership, volunteers, planning, etc., etc. Plus the breakfast from 7 am to 1 pm.

That said, enjoy your vacation!