25 May 2009

A First

Cindi asked if I wanted to run with her today. I've not done running since starting to workout, but with the Y closed today, I figured: what the hay? And off we went, dodging rain and thunder just to our West. We ran down Church road to the bike trail and down the bike trail to Hamel and then back home again. I surprised myself: I ran the whole way; wasn't worn out when I got home (in fact, we just did some jumping with the jump rope) to "cool down" a bit. It was 3.8 miles, and if we'd just gone a wee bit further into Hamel, it would have been a nice even 4 miles, but the sky was looking particularly threatening at that point. Anywho, I really enjoyed it. Might have to start doing this on the days I don't workout at the Y.


Jo said...

You should have stopped in for a visit.

William Weedon said...

We were going to IF the rain grew or the thunder sounded any nearer. As it was we thought we could make it back safely, and we did. But it was still probably a stupid thing to do!!!

Scott Diekmann said...

Next thing you know, you'll be working out at the Y on the days when you don't go for a run.