16 May 2009

Patristic Quote of the Day

For to draw near, and make supplication on the people's behalf, is an act becoming to the saints, and the duty of spiritual fathers, and the proof of a mind that has regard not to selfish objects alone, but already considers as its own the interests of others. - St. Cyril of Alexandria, Homily on Luke 9

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Rev. James Leistico said...

I found this from Luther (AE 24.263-4) that I'm trying to work into tomorrow's sermon:

And we have the comfort that our prayer will not be in vain but is acceptable to God, and that whatever we need will surely be granted and given to us if we only pray in faith and in the name of Christ. We have been ordained through Him to the priestly office. Hence we can and must step before God joyfully, as we bring both our own need and that of others before Him, assured by His promise that our prayers will be heard and that He will say yea and amen to them. In the following chapter we shall hear more about prayer.