20 May 2009


Monday was Frieda's funeral, and we laid her to rest in the sure hope of the resurrection to eternal life.

Last night was Trinity-St. Paul Kindergarten and 8th Grade Graduation at St. Paul's - it was a full house. We chanted Vespers and boy did the kids ever belt out the liturgy and hymns, especially The King of Love and At the Lamb's High Feast. We observed the readings for Rogationtide and Pr. Curtis preached upon the joy of prayer as a child of God - something we seek to foster in our churches, homes, and our joint-school.

Tonight was Metro East Lutheran High School Baccalaureate at St. Paul's - it was again a full house. We chanted Evening Prayer for the Feast of the Ascension and Brian Holle preached a most fitting homily and address to the graduates. One of the graduates, Joel Nehrt, played the liturgy for the service and did an outstanding job. A brass band also did some fine work.

Tomorrow night at 7:15 is the Ascension Day Divine Service. Don't let it slip by you! I challenge all the members of the parish who are reading this to attend and at least come CLOSE to the attendance we had at the services on Tuesday and Wednesday. Truly a great and joyous feast as in Christ our human nature is exalted to the right hand of God and rules over all things. Our Brother - the King of the universe!

A busy and yet joyous weak at St. Paul's as we take our Lord's invitation to heart and seek His blessing on all things - above all, this week, on the little ones, the youth, and the new adults in our parish families.


Anonymous said...

How does a pastor get invited to speak for a Lutheran High School Baccalaureate?

Just wondering.


William Weedon said...

In our case, Bekah asked me to ask to host the Baccalaureate and I did, and the principal supported the idea, and so it was here.

Since there were four pastors with children in the graduating class, I asked each of them to participate: Pr. Holle to preach; Prs. Nehrt and Schulz to be lectors; and I did the liturgy.

Mark "I don't forget Ascension" Louderback said...

Tomorrow night at 7:15 is the Ascension Day Divine Service. Don't let it slip by you!


(Left unsaid: Like I let it slip by me last year. Boy, I still get reminded about that!)