06 May 2009

Tim's Idea

(that would be Pr. Landskroener) and a good one:

with the incredible prices on Treasury of Daily Prayer for the month of May, have you thought of purchasing a copy for your Church to have and to keep there for anyone who gathers for the daily office, for school chapels, for devotions for various meetings and so on? I'm ordering one tonight for St. Paul's to keep!


Pastor Bakker said...

This is how we do daily prayer at the campus ministry I serve - ordinarily I lead it, but when I must be away I have it organized (including suggested hymns) for anyone there present to gather for prayer. It is such a wonderful resource!

William Weedon said...

Pastor Bakker,

That's wonderful! Yes, it is a resource that continues to amaze me as it goes on churning out good stuff for prayer and Scripture reading day in, day out. I confess, though, I'm eager to get back to the calendar year and not having to keep an eye on the commemorations separate from the readings. :)

Anonymous said...

Be sure to put the church's name on the front cover so that it does not accidently walk away.

Mike Keith said...

We have Matins here each week Tues-Fri. We get 2-3 memmers of the congregation shwo up. So I bought 3 extra copie sof TDP a whiel ago so everyone can follow along. One of the members brings her own. It has been a greta blessing for me as the pastor to have daily prayer and have members join me.