21 May 2009

What a Wondrous World

we live in as guests of Our Father! Cindi and I took time right after lunch for a bike ride - taking advantage of the beautiful weather while it lasts. We headed up the newly surfaced (still not finished) trail that will connect Hamel to Worden and Staunton. It was a 14.25 mile trip that we made in an hour and half. The way up we were in the Irish blessing (the wind always at our back); the way home we were in a wind tunnel and couldn't really hear each other talk. But along the way: we heard a bob white singing, saw a dust devil cross an entire field, saw two trains, saw a hawk teaching its young to fly, and saw numerous flowers and fields of wheat - and all under a blue, blue sky with cotton-ball like clouds providing a bit of shade now and again. Indeed, as the Akathist of Thanksgiving has it, this world cries out: Let us go to the Father! If such beauty is His gift for our brief pilgrimage, what shall home be like?


Jon Townsend said...
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Jon Townsend said...

What will home be like?

I imagine the beauty of nature, unfallen, without the stain of sin.

After I went to the Creation Museum this really hit me: Look at all the wonderous things God has made and imagine it without sin. You'd see the hawk teaching its young to fly, but they would never teach their young to kill, because there would be no death, the dust devil might be there, but the dust would never get in your eyes - much less have a bigger cousin called a tornado.

William Weedon said...

Exactly, Jon. I always hammer that home when teaching Genesis 1-3 - a world without death and hence a world without fear. All the beauty and none of the violence; rubbing the tummy of the lion or the polar bear. Did you ever see the video Father Bean linked to some months back as a glimpse of Eden?