11 May 2009

New Lutheran Quote of the Day

Our basic spiritual problem is that we have bad hearing. -- John Kleinig, *Grace Upon Grace* p. 126


christl242 said...

I have begun reading my copy. Am very impressed so far. Yes, "bad hearing" is definitely a problem sometimes.

I also like this:

"Luther advocates meditation on "the external Word,"which is the embodied Word of Christ, spoken from human lips, written with human hands and heard with human ears. Like the light of the sun, the Word is present, addressed to us by a pastor, written in a book, enacted in the Divine Service."

A solid rebuke to the contemplative approach of lectio divina and its goal of "union" with God that still considers monastic spirituality superior to that of the laity (as it still does in some Roman Catholic quarters) and an equal rebuke to the enthusiasm of some Christian traditions that consider an outpouring of emotion proof of the Holy Spirit's presence.


orthodoxy hunter said...

What? Did you say something?


26 hours - God willing