23 May 2009

Wow and Wow!

HT to Father Hollywood for this one:

Pr. Richard Wurmbrand

Listen and then pick up your Treasury and pray the prayer for Tuesday, p. 1307. Does anyone else hear in his words the voice of a Lutheran Fr. Arseny?


Anonymous said...

I highly recommend you read CS Lewis' essay "The Humanitarian Theory of Punishment" which is found in "God in the Dock." It explains very well what happened to Christians under communist rule and what may well happen here one day.

Under that theory, the imprisonment and torture of religious groups by the state will not be reviled as persecution, but praised as healing, Lewis contends. It is an interesting and disturbing read. Very contemporary sounding.

Tom Fast

matthias said...

This is Richard Wurmbrand,Rumanian Baptist Pastor who wrote Tortured for Christ and Soviet Saints. I remember as a boy when he came to Australia,he was greeted at the airport by a member of the Communist party-we had voted in a referendum not to ban them-and he gave this fellow a shock by his presentation.By the way the Communist party has now almost disappeared