14 May 2009

What a Crazy Week

this has been! All the travelling with Lauren's graduation over the weekend (8 hours out to Seward on Friday; 8 hours home on Saturday) and the usual round Sunday with Mother's Day thrown in there to boot. Monday was booked solid (teaching, daycare chapel, workout, finishing up presentation for TAM) and wrapped up with two meetings in the evening (Daycare board and elders). Tuesday was up at 4:30 and heading out for Kearney to present at the Augustana Ministerium - that was a five hour trip. Back home from that yesterday about five, and then a boatload of email to catch up on. This morning after Matins got Joanie set on bulletin for this weekend and finished up bulletin for Baccalaureate for the High School, off to exercise, home to finish up bulletin for Ascension Day, off to meet with Frieda's family, home to prepare funeral bulletin, Sunday's Bible Class, and the TSP Graduation bulletin and locate an organist for TSP's service and pray Vespers. Still on the docket either for tonight or tomorrow is Sunday's homily and the funeral homily. So it's only 5 p.m. and I already feel like heading to BED!!! Funny, though, how the Daily Office and the workout routine are havens of peace in the midst of all the running about.

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Jeremy Loesch said...

Rev. Weedon, your last comment about the Daily Office and working out being good things in the middle of the day is something I have learned as well. Even when unexpected things come up and my 'to do' list grows exponentially, spending time with God in prayer through the TDP is something that helps me get all the other things done.

Didn't Luther say something to the effect that when he had a really busy day he spent an extra hour on his knees in prayer? Good advice.