07 May 2009

New Lutheran Quote of the Day

Okay, okay, so this book so unbelievably good that I'm at a loss to even know WHAT to cite and what to leave out. But here goes:

There is, in fact, no better way to publicize His hidden riches and glory than by whole-hearted, full-bodied, communal praise. Our songs of adoration and praise declare that His goodness far surpasses what is best in our earthly experience. Our songs of praise recommend the mystery of Christ to those who do not yet know Him by giving them a sense of our unutterable and exalted joy; our songs also draw us deeper into the hidden riches of Christ, who is invisibly present among us. -- John Kleinig, *Grace Upon Grace* p. 67


orthodoxy hunter said...
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orthodoxy hunter said...


Okay... word associations, go:

• coffee
• charismatic worship
• plus-sized
• beer

Nope, sorry.. I just don't think of liturgy first. But! It is. Genuflecting, bowing, kneeling... that's full-bodied.