19 May 2009

New Lutheran Quote of the Day

As we mature in faith, we move away from pride in ourselves and our own achievements to a gradual awareness of our spiritual failure and Christ's work in us as we entrust ourselves to Him.

We move away from the conviction that we are self-sufficient to the repeated experience of spiritual bankruptcy.

We move on from delusions of our spiritual importance to a growing sense of our utter insignificance and the glory of God.

We move on from delight in our own power to the painful recognition of our spiritual weakness.

We move on from our self-righteousness to the increasing consciousness that we are sinful.

In each of these painful experiences, we recognize the glory of God.

Christ fills our emptiness and justifies us by grace.

In short, the power of Christ is made perfect in our weakness.

Abba Matoes, a teacher of spirituality in the Early Church, sums up our experience of progress simply and profoundly: "When I was young, I would say to myself: perhaps I shall do something good; but now that I am old I see that there is nothing good about me."

--John Kleinig, *Grace upon Grace* p. 33,34


Mike Keith said...

I jbought Kleinig's book today (happened to be 50% off!). I am looking forward to reading it. I still have Scaer's Law and Gospel and the Means of Grace to read... and I have not really given seriosu time to Krauth....just skimmed here and there and am always reminded of hwo great that book is! Anyway, Kleinig's book looks great and I have heard from several sources that it is truly excellent. Thanks for adding the New Lutheran quote to your blog!

William Weedon said...

Sweet - you'll love it. Krauth is hard-plowing but worth it in the long run. Reading him in chunks is the best way. Kleinig can be devoured much more quickly.

Timothy said...

So, so, sooo incredibly true!

orthodoxy hunter said...

Wow, some of that sounds mighty familiar. I think I read that somewhere recently. ;)