13 October 2009

New from Down Under

Lutheran Catholicity! Looks promising indeed.


Paul McCain said...

Promising? Perhaps. Unfortunately, the person/persons responsible for it are hiding behind anonymity.

Most unfortunate.

Kaleb said...

Your feelings about anonymity are well-known, but must you seek to damage this blogger without provocation? What good could possibly come of that?

Anonymous said...

Do check out Michael Roots posting of today on the topic over at Lutherans Persisting.

Acroamaticus said...

Hi William,

Thanks for the plug.
I have now come out of the study (I prefer that to "closet" for obvious reasons) and declared my identity. I have posted something about myself and my intentions too, and some prolegomena. Please advise Paul McCain of this and do drop by again. I came to the Lutheran faith through reading Missourian theology, much to the regret of my dogmatics lecturer at sem, so I treasure contacts with LC-MS people.
Mark Henderson (AKA Acroamaticus)

Mark Henderson said...

I've advised Paul McCain myself.