27 November 2009

Advent Poem

Advent / the season

purple bleeding into blue
Harvey S. Mozolak

little Lent
out of season Passion
the wood slats will have to be closer
to hold him from falling
from the wood
straw will do for thorns
nails rough Joseph hands
for now
a kneeling Mary
yet without another son
the tears the same
the spear already cast


J.G.F. said...

Interesting. Still chewing on it.

J.G.F. said...

OK.... chewed on it long enough. WOW! Great theology. I like, I like...

William Weedon said...

I agree. Harvey's poetry is all like that - AND so is his prose. Another Slovak who thinks in poetry.

J.G.F. said...

Indeed. I so miss JV... Even with the prolific poets of the Church today, none are on his level (IMHO).