20 November 2009

Check Out the Summaries

that the Commission on Worship has put out for introducing the Sundays of the year: Lectionary Summaries. Very nice to print at the head of the bulletin to let the faithful focus a bit on what the readings will bring them that day. Kudos, COW-boys! Nicely done.


Paul R. SWank said...

As a director of music, I often included several short paragraphs in the weekly bulletin concerning the composing of the hymn and the poetry of the verses. Included were also little asides of special note which made the hymn even more interesting. The concregation was universarily in favor of the paragraphs, but slowly thew disappeared.

Sounds like an opportunity to bring back a good practice.

Rev. Allen Yount said...

I had been using the "As We Gather" paragraph from Creative Worship as a devotional paragraph to begin the bulletin, which often required some editing or rewriting. These new lectionary summaries look much, much better.

William Weedon said...

Pr. Yount,

Amen! I think they look downright, well, useful!


Yes, I think it really helps the people to appreciate the music for the liturgy when some notes are appended. I think of the incredible story behind "Wake! Awake!" and how our people need to KNOW this, as they sing it.