30 November 2009

St. Andrew's Day

Full day and full of joy: Matins; taught two units of Lutheran Catechesis in the school; daycare/preschool chapel; wonderful gift in the mail from Bob (thanks again!); communion to Ramona and a bonus visit with Janice (don't let her feed the cows again, Melvin; that will learn ya!); new recipe for lunch with Cindi; workout; hospital visit to Florene (doing MUCH better, thanks be to God!); Vespers and Divine Service for St. Andrew's Day; quiet evening at home (Cindi at Collinsville Chorale; Bekah working; David in the "cave.")


Kiran said...

One of the readings for this day is particularly beautiful, and when I was praying that part of the Office, I thought of you. So here it is (in slightly adapted translation):

Andrew, then, was led to the place of martyrdom, and, as soon as he came in sight of the cross, he cried out : O good cross, who received beauty from the members of the Lord, daily desired, eagerly loved, sought without intermission. And, now that thou art come to me, how is my soul drawn to thee! Take me from amongst men, and join me to my Master, that through thee, he may recieve me, who by you redeemed me. So he was fastened to the cross, whereon he hung living for two days, during which time he ceased not to preach the faith of Christ, and, finally, passed into the Presence of him the likeness of whose death he had loved so well.

The original is here. It is Lesson VI from Matins.

William Weedon said...


Our beloved Treasury records Herberger's meditation on the day which cites this very text:

"Hail, precious cross, you who were dedicated by the body of Christ; may He receive me through you, who redeemed me through you."

So a whole pile of Lutherans joined you today in that reading, believe it or not!

Kiran said...

That is wonderful! The Office is great!

Tim said...

"David in the cave..."

Now, I can interpret this in two ways-

1) He, like myself, is spending much time in his man-cave
2) He is retreating into his cell (in the monastic sense of the word).

Either way, the phrase "the cave" is rather amusing ;)

orrologion said...

A great article on the hints at the journeys of St. Andrew: