23 November 2009

Interesting Post

by David Schütz on the writing on the shroud.


Past Elder said...

Well Judas H Priest, year 16 of the reign of Tiberius. He became Emperor in 14 AD, which makes year 16 either 29 or 30 AD, depending on whether one takes 14 as year one from day one or year one after it had elapsed. However, while he remained nominally Emperor, after 26 AD he did not rule per se but the Praetorian Guard muddled the government through, and on his death crowds shouted "To the Tiber with Tiberius". In Rome for real, the Tiber is not for swimming but throwing into it the bodies of criminals.

Then again, Luke says John the Baptist began preaching in the 15th year of Tiberius' reign, which would make a public ministry of Jesus of one year if it wrapped up by year 16.


Schütz said...

Catholics? If the Shroud is genuine, it was done by either Romans or Jews, not Catholics.

If it isn't, why on earth would someone make up a "fake" death certificate and then go and make an obvious mistake like this?

I think the fact that it says "year 16" is actually an argument in favour of its authenticity.

Not that I really care. I just find it interesting.