18 November 2009

Poem by James McAuley

My friend Kiran Krishna shared this with me today. I thought it quite profound. I'd not heard of McAuley who was a Roman Catholic Christian in Australia.

Come into yourself a while,
Be deaf to outer cries;
Ask not who wins, who falls, who rages,
Or what each doubtful sign presages,
Or what face treachery wears.

It is not said we shall succeed,
Save as his Cross prevails:
The good we choose and mean to do
Prospers if he wills it too,
And if not, then it fails.

Nor is failure our disgrace:
By ways we cannot know
He keeps the merit in his hand,
And suddenly as no one planned,
Behold the kingdom grow!

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Mark Henderson said...

McCauley was a convert to Roman Catholicism and a professor of poetry and public intellectual. One of his hymns is in the Lutheran Church of Australia's Hymnal Supplement.