25 November 2009

The Feast

Tomorrow we'll be serving:


Baby Bella Mushrooms - stuffed (sausage, bacon, cheddar, burgundy wine, stems, garlic - all blended together - and topped with parmesan and agiago)
Cheese ball, Brie, and Other Cheeses
Almond Crackers, Regular Crackers
Summer Sausage

Main Meal:

Brined Turkey, Quick Roasted
Gravy (but no dressing this time round)
Mashed Potatoes
Mashed Cauliflower
Light Rolls (for Lauren and Dean and whoever else)
Mock Cornbread (for Cindi and me)
Popovers (for Bekah and David and whoever else)
Sweet Potato Casserole
Five Onion Graten
Cranberry Sauce

Pecan Pie
Dutch Apple Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Low-carb Pumpkin Pie in Almond Crust
Cherry Pie
Truffles (Darlene, you naughty soul! We adore them)
Marzipan (some of those dipped in chocolate too...)

And last, but not least, we'll be serving a WIN at Liverpool to ME. At least, we had BETTER be.


Past Elder said...

No dressing! Unglaublich! There must be dressing, with gravy too! It's in the BOC somewhere, I just know it!

OTOH, I am shortly to go to a Thanksgiving where there is no turkey, but chicken! Revisionism everywhere!

Has the world gone mad? Come Lord Jesus, sei unsere Gast -- he wants to be a guest where there is no dressing, maybe, just barely, but no turkey? Gott hilf mir, I'll say it anyway, but if I want a chicken dinner I'll visit the Colonel for jumping Judas' sake not go to a Thanksgiving.

And it's in Iowa too. Oy.

Triple whippy and a double bippy.

Anonymous said...

ewww dressing is icky!

Dixie said...

So...um...what were the scores?

William Weedon said...

Scores? Scores to what? Oh, you mean the GAME? Well, that's completely irrelevant now, don't you think? It's history and Jo's win was purely an accident, I'm sure, but at least it wasn't YOU KNOW WHO!!!