26 December 2011

For Jamie

Who missed our usual listing of Christmas menu:

Smoked turkey
Beef tenderloin
Salad with home made ranch dressing
Green beans sauted in garlic
Mashed taters
Cranberry almond muffins
Cherry pie
Chocolate pie
Low carb cheesecake

And it was tasty!


Unknown said...

But what did you drink? You couldn't choke all that down dry, could you?

Prosit and Skol!
George A. Marquart

William Weedon said...

Ah, beverages were water, coffee, and either a bubbly Verdi or dry Pinot Noir. We consumed lots of all four!

Lauren said...

Serena... Not Verdi.

Weekend Fisher said...

Oh now that's interesting. I thought my family was odd for doing a salad with homemade dressing for all the major holiday meals. (Homemade Caesar dressing, for us.)

Nothing will put bottled dressing to shame as quickly as homemade ...

Take care & God bless

Jamie said...

Ah, that sounds positively delicious. Thanks William. What can I say? I'm a "foodie". : )



Jamie said...
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