08 December 2011

One less thing to keep track of, pastors...

...though I'm not exactly sure HOW various parishioners will appreciate it.  *I* appreciate it!

Pastoral Care for your iPhone/iPad.

Especially great, if you've ever fumbled (as I have) for exactly where that prayer or rite is located in the book.  Very fast and very fine.  Thanks, CPH once again!!!

(Yes, that means that my iPhone has the PrayNow - Treasury, if you will - app; the Pastoral Care Companion; AND the entire Logos system for Bible Study...amazing!)


Pr Mark Henderson said...

Now all I need is an iPhone/iPad!
I'm afraid I'm an analog person through and through, but I can see how it would be helpful...if I could actually work out how to use it, that is. When I started elementary school (or primary school, as we call it down here), in an impoverished rural school, we did our arithmetic on slates with soapstone pencils and our writing in copybooks; the desks still had holes for the inkwells! Ever since I've had a hard time coming to grips with advances in technology ;0)

Rev. Steven T. Cholak said...

Nice, very nice resource, indeed.