26 December 2011

Well, I suppose the Holidays

are officially ended - at least as far as big meals go.  We had a big breakfast on the 24th for 12 of us (I know, I know - it's supposed to be a fast day...), and did the family Christmas gift exchange that morning.  That was a feast - Cindi prepared these little muffin thingies that are really just egg, cheese, spices and some meat (we had sausage ones, bacon ones, and ham ones).  Also a low-carb version of the traditional Kringler.  Numerous other pastries and breads we'd been given and assorted fruits.

Christmas Day we had the menu listed below and 11 of us gathered after the Divine Service for that delicious supper (missing David and Meaghan, who attending the Zoschke family dinner).

Today was the last day Kayla and Russ (Russ is Cindi's cousin, but also her godchild) were in town, so after getting in a workout at the Y we had them up for lunch (bacon-cheddar cheese soup and turkey soup and left over muffins, cheese and more fruits).  After that Dave, Jo, Sandi, Cindi and I played several rounds of Liverpool.  Jo isn't speaking to Cindi or Dave.  'Nuff said.  Then we had some left-overs - more of the tenderloin and turkey and whatever else we could find to throw on the table.  We wrapped up with another game.  Now Jo REALLY isn't speaking to Dave.  A bit more visiting and now it's just Cindi and I at home (David flew out with Meaghan's family to San Diego this morning for a week's vacation).

All's quiet.  LPR is playing softly in the background.  Candles are lighted, tree lighted, the fire place flickers, and a glass of wine is at hand.  Time to wind down.  And await tomorrow's news on my brother's biopsy.  Prayers appreciated.

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