26 December 2011

So What's With the Video Promoting Evolution?

I've been asked about that - and by more than one person.  The Paleo/Primal diet is often accompanied by a whole pile of evolutionistic explanation about why that way of eating works so well for so many people.  Naturally, as an LCMS pastor I don't credit the evolutionary theory; and to anyone who does, I'd invite spending some time with Dr. David Menton - erstwhile biology prof at Washington University and a good Lutheran Christian.  I don't buy into Paleo because of folk's theories about evolution; rather because of the evidence THAT it works.  No need for me to buy into WHY it works.  I learned long ago in theology that "why's" are notoriously complicated and complex and usually remain utterly mysterious even when grasped as facts.  Anyone want to really attempt explaining the mechanics of the Virginal conception and birth?  Or the Eucharistic presence?  No, I didn't think so.  So feel free to explore all the Paleo eating stuff you'd like, and when it comes to their "guesses" at why it works the way it does, acknowledge them as guesses and recognize how utterly beside the point they truly are!


Sage said...

Just my 2 cents on it all. I don't buy into the evolution theory either, but I can't deny the evidence in my life.

My totally biased guess is we have modified the proteins in grains to the point that they now cause many people to adversely react to them. Proteins are what cause allergic reactions. Wheat and corn in its native (if you can even find it now) form is small, spindly and not much in the way of protein in the seeds.

We have developed ever increasingly larger and larger animals to the point that cows cannot birth naturally w/o the assitance of an engine hoist to get the calf out, to the modern bred turkey who has such large chests they cannot walk. In the grain world, they've developed massive seed heads and equally large stems to withstand lodging in the fields. They've bred in higher and higher protein values.

With those changes being made, it sets the stage for susceptable individuals to react badly to the proteins that are now a much larger bang for your buck than there was 30 years ago.

We've been able to feed a lot of the world, but at a great cost. It's just been in the past generation we've seen such a massive increase of kids with anaphylactic allergies to peanuts, soy, wheat etc... With higher concentrations of proteins I'm sure we'll see more.

Rev. John Frahm said...

Well, humanities diet certainly has "evolved" even though people didn't evolve from other species. Our digestive systems and endocrine systems certainly are more used to "primitive" foods than all the modern stuff with chemnicals, high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, preservatives, GMO crops, and such. I'd recommend www.naturalnews.com for a lot of useful info (you do have sift alittle bit but much good there as well).