01 December 2011

Have really enjoyed

the stuff I've been learning from Mark Sisson (thanks, Sage, for blogging about him).  You can read his Mark's Daily Apple here.  Tons of useful info (and sometimes a little, um, off-color, shall we say?).  His Primal Blueprint is an excellent resource.  I downloaded it for my iPad, but soon realized it was the sort of resource that would be handy to have in hard copy, so also purchased the book.  Jo picked up his excellent cookbook, and we've been borrowing that and having fun.

What made me wrinkle my brow most was his approach to working out.  It didn't fit with "Conventional Wisdom" (he loves to mock CW!) at all.  But then again, his own body is his big argument - and those of tons of folks who have followed his suggestions.  He simply divides all workouts into 3 sorts:

Move a lot - 3-5 hours or so per week - not an intense cardio, but enough to elevate the heart-rate by 50-75% percent or so.  For me, that's a nice easy jog for 35 minutes at a shot; and then taking Lucy for a walk on the leash (which is an exercise in fighting her pulling this, that, and ever direction!).

Lift heavy things - and your body counts as a heavy thing!  His simplest workout routine is a set of 50 pushups, 50 squats, 12 chin ups, and a 2 minute plank.  I'm still using the counter-weight (25/40) on the chin-ups, but can do the rest quite easily.  So today, for example, I did 2  to 3 sets of each exercise.  He suggests this about 2-3 times a week.

Sprint - once every 7-10 days, do 20 minutes of sprints, alternating running all out with an easy jog to recover slightly and then all out again.  You can do this running, or on a stationary bike, or in a variety of other ways.  I like to run, so I actually prefer running really fast.

That's it.  He encourages you to be flexible and not obsess (youch - that's hard when you're just a TAD obsessive compulsive...).  If you're feeling tired, wait a day.  Listen to your body and go with it.  If you're feeling energized, don't stop at the usual but do some more.

So... I've set aside my little notebook with all the recorded dates and exercises.  I've tried to remember his dictum that when it comes to building muscle etc., 80% is accomplished by what you eat and 20% by your workouts.  I've not done very well yet on his make time to play each week.  I'm thinking it calls for reviving what very limited skills I had in racquetball because I did intensely enjoy that.  Anyway, a rather different approach not only to exercise, to eating, but to life.  Yet one that really resonates with me.

If you've been working out and are frustrated; if you've been dieting and are frustrated; if you've been meaning to do either and yet never can seem to find the energy to start - check his stuff out.  I think you'll find it encouraging and motivating.  Then go lift some heavy things!


Josh Schroeder said...

Primal and/or Paelo, 80/20 rule. Pastor Weedon, I think you are a 4 Hour Body guy, you just don't know it yet.

I noticed you said this stuff will help people get motivated. But would you say it features a lower barrier to entry?

Check this out to see what I mean: http://behaviormodel.org/

Terry Maher said...

The kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

Sage said...

You know, when your body is functional and doing well, you have the energy and desire to do things. When you're sluggish and worn out, there is no you left to give to anyone or anything, even God.

I'm dealing with a bout of diverticulitis right now and on a liquid diet. Mostly due to years of living the dream of American "healthy eating".

Eating primal (or the way we were intended to eat, before processing the life out of foods) will prevent the diverticula from ever forming in the first place and having the problems associated with them.

I've seen too many "train wreck" patients at the back end of the standard American diet to not know the "healthy diet" promoted today is anything but.

Glad you enjoy the site and here's to many healthy, happy, Spirit filled years ahead.