30 December 2011

I Can't Argue

with the results of this new way of working out, but my goodness it feels strange.  Instead of doing the intense work I've done in the past, I'm working out way less.  Sisson's recommendation is very simply:

Move often - 3 times a week I do about an hour of light cardio.  Lately, I've just been walking - and enjoying listening to music as I do so.  Amazing how calming it is!  Can't wait for warmer weather and walking in the sun out on the bike trail (or riding!).

Twice a week - lift heavy things.  That is, mostly YOURSELF.  So I've been doing:  2 sets of 50 pushups; 2 sets of 50 squats (did with a 40 pound weight in addition today); 1 set of 12 pull ups (still using a 25 lb assist on that); 1 set of 12 chin-ups (likewise on assist); 2 sets of 20 of these weird shoulder pushups (don't know what else to call them); and then 2 2-minute planks.  Working through the routine twice takes not more than about 20 to 25 minutes.  Sisson says that when you can do this "basic workout" you're fit.  So I'm not quite there!  I can't wait to lose the assist on the pull-ups/chin-ups!  I figure I'm at least two weeks out from it.

Once a week - sprint!  This week I'm doing the sprints on a bike, I think.  2 minute warm up, then 20 minutes of intervals:  20 seconds all out, 40 seconds recoup and repeat.  Maybe a three minute cool down at end.  So 25 minutes tops.  That's it.

This simple routine combined with the primal diet (no grains, no legumes, no sugars - but lots of veggies and meat with some fruit and a smidge of dairy and handfuls of nuts) is definitely paying off.  Can't wait to see results six months out; right now, they're already pretty sweet. Any of you exercise hounds out there looking to shake up your routine for the start of the new year (and anyone serious about getting fit in the new year), google Primal Blueprint and Mark's Daily Apple.  You will NOT be sorry!


Becky said...

I'm interested and will look into it. What is the difference between a chin-up and a pull-up? Also, please describe what the 25 lb. assist is with those.

William Weedon said...

A pull up has your hands on your body's side of the bar; a chin up has your hands on the opposite side of the bar. The assist is a machine at the Y - it counterbalances your weight so you can actually begin with whatever level of assistance you need, and it makes is simpler to pull up. I started with the 40 lb counter balance last month; moved to the 25 gradually, and now can complete the exercise with that. Next step is to loose the assist!!!