17 December 2011

Yeah, so...

...got in late from doing the wedding and noted that the church lights were not on. Odd. Carlo's usually there by then. 

When I get over, Scott is lighting up the building, but no Carlo. 

Then about 15 minutes before service, Pastor Gleason shows me that Carlo's listed as organist in bulletin for SUNDAY. I hadn't GOT anyone for Saturday. 

So...Pr. Gleason graciously consented to preside over the whole liturgy; I retreated to the balcony to play the service (except for running down to preach). GOOD GRIEF, Weedon. This is HIGH on my list of mega stupid moments.


organistsandra said...

I didn't know you played piano. That was handy!

Christopher Esget said...

Being a musician really comes in handy. We should make every pastor take a year of basic keyboard, the way all music students have to become proficient at the piano.