31 December 2011

So it's that day again...

...and folks the world over give some thought to things they'd like to change in their lives.  Here's a partial list of changes that I intend to make. I've got more of them, but I'll save writing about THOSE for another day.  Meanwhile:

* Spend time hiking each month - an hour or two at least
* Find or make decent walking sticks for Cindi and me
* Research and plant a square foot garden
* Plant several pots of herbs
* Limit computer time to no more than 1 hour per day (1/2 hour in morning; 1/2 in afternoon)
* Continue exercising and eating in a Primal/Paleo pattern
* Make it a point to visit a farmer's market each month from March to October
* In general, try to stick to a single pot of french press coffee per day - morning wake up - and do it without being anal about it
* Teach Cindi or David to play racquetball and really get back into that (stop laughing; I know enough to teach them where the ball should land!)
* Reshape the office so I can STAND to use the computer
* Learn how to grill better (stop laughing; all things are possible, and I have Tom's apron to prove that it can be done!)
* More time reading books; less time reading a screen
* Spend more time singing and playing the piano - definitely sing with the Chorale for Christmas next year; learn a new Bach two-part invention.
* Have folks over to the house more often
* Pay attention to each day's sunrise and sunset - and sing the Matins/Vesper hymns and canticles to them

That's a pile more than I'll likely get done, but those are some changes I'd like to make.  I look back over the years and see so many things that have made life simpler and more stress-free - from Ramsey's Financial Peace University, to the absolute GIFT that the Treasury is for one's daily prayer life (remember when prayer life used to be a struggle???), from the joys of the Lutheran Service Book and Builder (honestly, worship planning has never been so ridiculously easy and yet thorough) to the fabulous resources for the mind and devotional life that CPH continues to pop out.  Lots of things that keep life simple, focused, engaged.  And there's always more to unlearn or relearn or discover!  What a joy is this pilgrimage that the Lord calls us to!


Rev. James Leistico said...

there are some hiking trails I'd like to check out in Monroe County - we should meet there some times in 2012

Past Elder said...

Well, I'd suggest Preludium and Fuga IX from the WTC (the E major one). Great keyboarding Judas, all that from a two note motive. The guy was a bleeding genius!

Brad said...

Thank you for taking the time to post these! You've spurred me on to take the same kind of year-end inventory. fler

Paul McCain said...

You forgot one:

Never let a day go by without buying something new from CPH and blogging about how wonderful it is.

William Weedon said...

Missed that Dave Ramsey reference, did you, McCain? ;)

Thanks, Brad. Always a fun exercise.

Terry, I have that. I may give it a whirl too. He was an amazing genius.

Jimbo, we'll have to give you a buzz sometime this year for one of those Monroe county hikes.